Thursday, July 20, 2017

The odd one out

We're all unique in our own ways, but sometimes, how unique is too unique.  When does the bell shaped norm drift into an outlier?  It all started at my office.  As a business owner, we're always looking for new ways to market the practice.  Of course, there's the "what are other offices doing?" question.  Should I, as a business owner, market my business that way or should I go about it with what I know (which is not much at all, unfortunately).
Recently, I heard of a marketing plan that another office was using.  They were raffling tickets to Ed Sheeran (whoever that is) or the Cardinals.  I guess in their office, there was an option for which raffle one wanted to win.  You could only pick one.  Apparently, for this office, 70% of their patients wanted the Cardinals tickets.  I was talking with someone who said they would want the Cardinals tickets and that they never missed a single game.  Someone else said Ed Sheeran.  I said, I wouldn't enter either raffle.  I take that back.  I would probably enter and then give the tickets away if I won.
Then it hit me.  All my marketing plans with raffling items would not be as successful, because it does not follow the platinum rule.  I do not feel the pulse of the average person.  We have raffled Oral B's latest toothbrush ($200 value) and we didn't get much interest.  I guess, raffling items that people don't care about is not a good idea.  Who cares about their teeth?  Seriously?  Apparently, what I value is not what the average person values, for the most part.  I probably should have considered that a great toothbrush is not as fun as a sports or a concert ticket.
Regarding show tickets, I know what tickets I would want to raffle for my office - musical tickets to the Muny or the Fox.  Maybe even symphony orchestra tickets, but the average person would give me that "I'm so sorry you are that way" look.  Yet again, I'm reminded of a post from 2 years ago, still sitting in my unfinished pile.  It was part of my trip to LA with my cousins.  What they loved is very different from what I value.
I can see where I'm different, but then I wonder.  There has to be something to connect on?  The only thing I can think of is Harry Potter.  I share that experience with all those who have read the 7 book series, and the Harry Potter fans are in the majority; thank God for that! Maybe I am a part of something.
If I'm looking at it as a personal trait, I would say, yay!  From a business point of view, I definitely need help.  I don't want to raffle things people don't care about.  Maybe I should just ask my older teenage patients about what they think is the coolest.
The obvious reasons for my disconnect may be age and a generation gap, but do we really want to go there?  Yes, let's please delve into it for a brief moment.  I will leave you all with this question regarding being more mature and having a change in interests compared to the younger generation.  Snap chat.  I think it's the dumbest thing ever!  Seriously, I have people wanting to take my picture and make me look like a dog or a cat or add a dumb tiara on me or something stupid and then the picture comes out and everyone laughs.  Isn't this just great?  Ya right!  SMH.  Part of me thinks, "does this really float your boat?  Seriously?" and sometimes I'll say it and sometimes I'll just walk away from the Snap chat hub of, in my opinion, childishness.  Back to the age thing.  There is someone I know who is 15 years older than me.  One day she tells me about how the kids are doing this new thing called Snap chat and how much fun it is.  I give her this incredulous look.  I know what Snap chat is but I don't think it's fun.  She tells me that I don't know what it is then.  She brings out a picture and makes it one where the tongue sticks out like a cartoon.  This is Snap chat, she tells me.  Isn't this fun?  I wonder if she is just faking it.  Maybe age has nothing to do with it.  I may just be an outlier yet again regarding what I find as interesting or worthy.  Or maybe I'm boring.  Such is life.
I do have to run and finish the other "draft" on my inbox but thought I would let you guys read this for a bit and see what you think.


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