Thursday, January 5, 2017


About a month ago, the theaters had a showing of George Takei's musical Allegiance.  An office Christmas party was on the schedule for the evening of the one day showing.  My husband was going to go, regardless.  I love musicals but office obligations, are just that, obligations.  Being the boss, I suppose I could have re-scheduled the party, but being the boss, I also recognize that I don't want to re-schedule something that maybe they are looking forward to.  Maybe?
Here's the thing;  some things are meant to be.  My schedule had a hole in it, in the afternoon, and it was decided that we had the time to do the Christmas party at lunch.  So, I was going to be home in the evening and I could after all go to this musical.  Scary thought.  Why did I have to watch this show?  What was God trying to tell me?
I don't know the answer to that.  All I know is that I saw a page in our US history, of Americans (even born in this country) of Japanese descent who were taken to internment camps after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.  The portrayal of the incidents that took place, made my stomach churn.  One minute I felt like crying, one minute I just wanted to throw up and then there's the shock.  The shock is where your brain cannot process anymore.  How does one react when people were forced to sell their homes for less than 10% of its worth and then 4 years later are given $25 and a bus ticket when they left camp?  Or was that $75?  I still think about the scene where the officer walks in and tells everyone in camp that they should be undressed and ready for their medical examination.  A month later, still processing.  Still feel like crying.  Still feel like throwing up.  I think prisoners get more dignity than that.  My mind shoots to the reality that this could happen to me or my family.  Religion is the crime in this country.  The Islamic religion to be exact.  Who cares about what Islam truly says?  Does it matter than Islam stands for peace, kindness and tolerance?
When you get past that first shocker, then there's the nurse's station.  The aspirin is only there for the officers, not for the people who are interned.  The interned people were the enemy.  Let them die!  Note to self:  If this happens, pack a LOT of Advil, maybe antibiotics too, if you have the time.  I remember making a comment to my husband about that, after the show.  He said that he had read somewhere that the one thing people forget to pack or carry are shoes.  Hiking boots it is.  Maybe I should make a list now?  Just in case.  Or maybe I should pray.  Pray a lot.  Pray a lot lot.  A lot, lot, lot!
I have read that this whole thing, if God forbid were to happen, would only happen through the authority of the Lord.  That's faith.  Everything in this world happens through God.  Doesn't the devil count for the mischiefs?  I know Islam is a faith that tests your faith.  If God ordained something, so be it.  Good, bad or ugly.  What do we know as human beings in our fleeting existence?  All internment camps and wars will come to an end, when an individual dies.  If there is no camp or war, death is still guaranteed.  The comfort is this.  Death is guaranteed to all - the rich, the poor, the sick, the healthy, the aggressors, the peace keepers.  One day we all will leave this world, no matter how we lived in it, no matter how we treated our family, neighbors and friends, no matter what our faiths are, we will still leave.  There's much beauty in that thought.
Go see Allegiance, if you get a chance.  I don't know if it's available on DVD, Netflix, BluRay, Amazon prime, hulu, YouTube or whatever other source.  I would recommend all people watch it.  It's an essential part of our history and our education.  We cannot hide our heads in the sand.  That would not be right.
For now, I'll leave you all with a prayer.  Dear God, bless us all.  Strengthen our families, friendships and relationships.  Help us make the right decisions and give us the strength to defend what's right and shun what's wrong.  Give us through your Grace, peace and protection.  Keep your watchful eye over all victims around the world who need you desperately and do not forget them in their time of need.  Thank you.  Ameen (the Arabic version of Amen).

Happy New Year to all of you.  Thank you for sticking with me and God Bless.