Saturday, May 7, 2016

Meeting up with Christopher Todd

I think one can see the true character of a person when you put them in difficulty.  In Chris' case, using the word "difficulty" is putting it mildly.  He cannot walk for 3 month.  His legs should not be weight bearing and so, he adjusts himself in his bed, best he can.  With 2 hands in a cast and barely being able to move his fingers, it's a tough situation really.  Oh and the doctors keep finding a new bone broken every time he goes into surgery.  It's one of those, "by the way, we noticed during surgery that his heel is broken also and we need a CAT scan" type "oops" story.  Seriously?
Is it OK to be angry with something like this?  Sure.  It takes a lot more than that to make Chris upset.  It's the repetitive mistakes made in diagnosis and or his caregivers that wears Chris out.
Yet, meeting him after the injury gives me a perspective on life and on Chris that I did not expect.  I don't know what I expected, but I most certainly did not express Chris to diminish his issues to hear that of someone else's.  My meager problems were worth hearing about, when I think that it's almost sinful for me to share.  How does one eat a hearty meal while watching someone else go hungry?  That's how it felt for me to watch Chris hear and engage others and their life situations of break ups or otherwise, when I look at perspective and think that either Chris is crazy, or he's just the most genuine man I'll ever know.  I get upset with myself for sharing of my minimal situations in my work, for it's all minimal compared to the fight that Chris has had to put up so far and continues to put up on a daily basis.

I abandoned this blog post after my return because at that time I felt it didn't say much.  Now is 3 months later and I'm going through my posts and I find this one in the draft pile.  I wasn't sure how much I put in here, but that paragraph alone is worth posting.  Don't you agree?

My husband and I plan to visit him again next week.  Perhaps it's good to note that in these 3 months, Chris is now able to stand.  He began last week.  It's been a long road to recovery but when you pray for someone and wish for their best, watching a video of them stand for the first time after several months, can feel emotionally taxing.  I'm happy for his improvements.  Soon, there'll be the day he can get up on his own and walk without having to think about it.  I do not think he can change as a person.  He's hit his pretty amazing spot already!  He has shown so much strength and kindness through these trying times.  What an inspiration!

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